Tree Shaping

Tree shaping, trimming and care is an important part of home beautification and protection. Learn more about how a proper tree care service plan can help you and your property to ensure healthy tree growth and provide a safer environment. Tree care is a necessary step to ensure proper tree growth as well as protect your home and property. This can be the difference between a tree growing strong and health, or dying or breaking and damaging your property. Learn more about how a proper tree care service can help you and your property.

The Art of Tree Shaping

There are three methods to achieving a shaped tree. Aeroponic formation, Immediate tree shaping and Gradual tree shaping.

Aeroponic Formation

Aeroponics is the technique of planting or starting tree growth using cuttings and air based methods to surround the roots so they grow larger without limiting the plant size.   The advantages of this method is a more disease free environment, no pesticides needed, reuse of water and nutrients and a much faster growth rate.

Immediate Tree Shaping

The art of tree shaping uses tree whips which are bent and woven into the design shape and held by metal bars until the trees new growth rings form a cast.  Maturity of the trees and the damage done in the bending process will determine the length of time needed for the new growth to strengthen and form the new shape.   It can take anywhere from 2-15 years to achieve the desired shape.   Tree shaping isn’t just about directing normal growth, it can be a method to create benches, chair, bridges,  fences and other usable and athletically appealing landscape alternatives.

Gradual Tree Shaping

Gradual tree shaping starts with the supporting framework to create create growth pathways.  These pathways are either on wooden jigs or a shaped wire pathway. The new tree growth follows the early pathways and can require maintenance daily or weekly when shaping young growth.  Some of this will depend on the size of the project and on how long it takes to grow a tree along the length of the design.   Once the trees have grown the full length, wait for them to thicken the design with time.