Storm Damage

Spears Tree Service works on storm damaged areas.  When a storm hits we are standing by to assist you in getting your yard back together.  By calling us at 734-844-8733, you are taking the first step in getting your emergency tree removal, trimming, and damage problems cared for in a professional and expedient manner. Spears offers crane services on every job to ensure that your home will not sustain any more damage during your tree service job.   Our team is ready to assist you in this work with the tools and machines that work in most areas.  University of Minnesota Information on Storm Damage

Did you know that most trees that fall during a storm could have been identified as hazardous if they had been properly evaluated beforehand?

You can protect your home and landscape from storm damage with proper year-round tree care.  You can prevent many avoidable situations and protect your property from the cost and trouble of cleanup and repairs.

Although it’s difficult to protect trees from extreme weather conditions, there are effective precautions you can working with our team to help minimize the impact.

If you do have storm damage Spears Tree Service can respond with highly trained team members, who with the right equipment and skills can restore your property to it’s pre-storm condition.