Stump Grinder

Stump Removal

Tree removal is not complete until the stump is removed. We have special machinery that grinds the stump to below ground level. Once the stump is removed, the hole is back filled with stump chips and top soil. Any excess chips are hauled to our mulching facility.  We have a variety of different sized stump removal machines that can dispose of stumps of any size in most locations.

Once the job of removing trees is completed, you’re left with unwanted stumps in your yard. Tree stumps become extremely hazardous because not all are plain to see. Stump removal is usually not included in the cost of tree removal. That is why when you look at properties there may be old stumps in the yard.  Stump removal isn’t easy, but it is doable. You’ll get the job done quickly and easily when you use the right techniques and methods, and there are a handful of viable options available.

At Spears Tree Service we use the right tools for the job including smaller machines that will pass through most standard gates. The machines will grind the stumps to a safe depthwithout extra digging. Whole stumps can be removed if there is sufficient room around the stump and good access to it.