Stump Grinding

Stump grinding removes unsightly stumps, takes care of the safety hazard of stumps and the possibility of insect infestation.  Grinding has benefits to the environment rather than stump removal.  Stump grinding can be done by Spears Tree Service on any size stump and can get to hard to reach areas of your yard that stump removal may not provide due to access limitations.  We can grind or remove an unwanted stump, call us today to set an appointment.


Tree stumps vary in age, older and smaller stumps are easier to remove than younger and larger ones.   Spears Tree Service has a variety of stump grinders we work with based on the size of the project to help us remove stumps quickly and efficiently.   We only hire highly trained individuals that specialize in handling stump grinding machinery and doing stump removal.

Once the stump is completely dislodged from the ground, Spears Tree Service cleans up scattered debris and hauls the stump away.  Our qualified workers work hard to clean your property to your satisfaction while employing techniques to enhance and benefit your property as needed.